Acupressure for Treatment of Insomnia

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In 2008, a couple of studies were released that showed how acupressure can be a safe and effective way to address sleeplessness. In one study, the Ht 7 acupoint of 25 volunteers with sleeping problems was stimulated each night for two weeks. Instead of a wristband or the fingers of a practitioner, a medical device was used to treat the volunteers.

An improvement in the quality of sleep was seen in 15 out of the 25 (60 percent) participants. As an interesting side note, cancer was also discovered in 14 of the 25 volunteers. At a 79 percent rate of success rate, the rate of effectiveness was even higher in these cancer stricken participants.

That same month, the other study was published. This study was tasked to see whether the stimulation of the Ht 7 point led to a rise in the production of melatonin in the body. Melatonin is a hormone that’s mainly secreted by the pineal gland. It is manufactured in the brain to help regulate our wake and sleep cycles. Our sleeping patterns are directly controlled by melatonin. Hence, a lot of people take melatonin supplements to help them get a good night’s sleep.

The study involved 40 participants who were all suffering from insomnia. They were divided into two groups with one group receiving acupressure treatment on the Ht 7 point and the other group not given any treatment. This study lasted a total of 20 nights.

The two groups were required to answer medical questionnaires related to their quality of sleep and anxiety levels. To determine the melatonin levels in their systems, samples of urine were also collected from the participants.

All the biological samples and questionnaires were analyzed by the authors of the study and they found that the acupressure group experienced an improvement in their quality of sleep as well as decrease in their anxiety. One other discovery was seen that may help to explain this outcome. The group that received acupressure on the Ht 7 point showed higher melatonin levels in their body. A considerable number of this group showed what was deemed “normal” levels of melatonin.

Acupressure is one among many natural options you can use to improve your quality of life safely, effectively, and without the need to use medications.